Monday, August 31, 2009

Functional Garden Art

We had this handrail made for us by the talented artist Diane Mattern. She is a local artist here in Omaha and we actually carry a handful of her sculptures in our shop. Diane has an eye for rustic garden art and we love to use her work in our client's landscapes. She does amazing arbors and will even do a unique detail on a garden gate. We have enjoyed our new handrail since April and we have watched it form its beautiful patina over the summer. We are so excited to see what it looks like in the snow!

Of course, as a landscape designer, I am a little more concerned with my client's landscapes and projects during the warm months. You can see in the bottom photo that we are working on our front porch. We have been slowly chipping away at it all summer. It should be completed soon and we will post some pictures for you.

I am also very busy this week with a project in Fremont, NE. There is a wedding in their backyard this Friday (yikes) and due to the recent rains in our area, we are rushing to complete it! We will have it done though and I look forward to posting about it soon.


  1. I love this handrail! Really gorgeous. I'd love to see some more of her work. Good luck on your wedding project, sounds like a lot of fast paced work!

  2. The rail is nice but my eye went to the boulders. Once the space around them are filled with plants those concrete steps will be softened nicely.

  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Finished the wedding project and will be posting photos soon!