Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Backyard Pathway

Here is a smattering of images taken of the "wedding" project we completed last week. A big thanks to VIP Outdoor Living and David Jordan Remodeling for the amazing work they do implementing our designs. We had a very important deadline on this project and due to rain, we were pushed to the wire. We completed it Friday afternoon, a few hours before the wedding rehearsal. phew. It is good to be challenged and know that we can accomplish quality work in a limited amount of time.

There were many big decisions to be made by the homeowner and she didn't have the luxury of time that most people do for such a large project. She did a great job and has great taste. She has a unique home for small town Nebraska. She is inspired by all things Asian which was fun to include in the design.

The pathway and the fence include bamboo pieces from CaliBamboo. This is the first time I have edged a garden with bamboo and I think it does it's job beautifully. It won't be the last. The homeowners also love copper (notice their copper windows) so we decided to include copper panels on the fence. These will patina naturally over time. The fence and pathway were designed to direct visitors to the homeowners garden which includes a beautiful pond and waterfall. Previously, people would just walk straight across the lawn, bypassing much of the plantings and garden space along the way to the pond. Now they will have to slow down and enjoy the journey!

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