Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beware Arachnophobes!

You know it's fall when the spiders start making their presence known! We found this spider spinning her web on our porch last night. When we left the house this morning, her web was complete and there she was waiting patiently for her prey. She is very large and beautiful! She is an argiope aurantia otherwise known as the "writing spider" because of the intricate zig zag down the center of her web. The males are actually much smaller and are only seen when it is time to mate. They are not poisonous so no need to rush to kill them! They are actually quite common all over the world, so you may find one in your garden one of these days! Has anyone else seen a "writing spider" lately?


  1. She's beautiful! I would have rushed right out to find her a grasshopper.

    Not sure what's up with my typepad ID. But this is Meredith from Great Stems. :)

  2. We should have done that! We made sure to leave the porch light on for her though!

  3. Hi Fellow Nebraskan,
    I like your spider photos. I posted a photo of a spider with a web like that earllier this summer, and someone identified it for me, but I can't remember what they called it now. All I know, is any spider I see, I am thankful for, and when they are in my house, I gently pick them up with a tissue and put them outside.