Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Master Plan for the Garden

This is an example of a detailed master landscape plan. There are many ways of shaping an outdoor living space. For many, it happens over years of hard work and a few mistakes and victories along the way. (That is how my wife and I do it). For others, a major overhaul may take place in one season. They want it done so they can spend their time enjoying their space. We design master plans for both types of people.

Often, a client wants to chip away at their yard over the years, but they need a plan to guide them along the way. They will be able to refer back to the design whenever they want. Having a design done with their specific needs in mind will help to ensure proper plant placement and hopefully save them some time and headache in the future.

For those that are professionally installing a landscape in one season, it is crucial that a professionally designed plan be followed. The above plan includes many different elements including a paver patio with an outdoor kitchen and firepit, a kid's play area, a driveway with coordinating paver banding and, of course, several perennial gardens. Having a plan helps the homeowners and the different companies involved in the installation to be on the same page at all times. It also helps the landscape installation company work more efficiently. If the homeowner is concerned with plant placement (one would hope..) a design will keep things on track.

Most gardeners love the process of planting and working the garden over a lifetime. I love to experiment with plants and see what works and what doesn't, but a landscape design sure does help to visualize a project and keeps one from making a potentially expensive mistake.