Monday, August 3, 2009

Favorite Time of Day

This is Jess, our cat, enjoying a nice little spot next to the lamb's ear in our garden. She lives for meal time and garden time! She is normally an indoor cat so getting to sit outside with us is a special treat.

We are trying to find time to work on our own garden. Being in the landscaping business it can be a challenge because we are often working on someone else's garden. We wouldn't have it any other way though, it is what we love to do! We like to work on it in the evenings while enjoying a cold refreshment usually! It is probably our dog and cat's favorite time of day. They love to watch us work!

We also really enjoy composting. It's great to generate your own dirt! We have a had a basic compost pile for quite some time, consisting of mostly leaves, weeds and some kitchen scrap, but we want to make it a richer, healthier soil. Just found this list of 75 Things You Can Compost via the Dirt Du Jour blog. It's eye-opening to see just how much you can put in your compost pile. We may need to expand our bin, it's already overflowing!


  1. wow, great list! I'll print it out and get started. How do you know though what counts as wet or dry? - Stacy

  2. well, unfortunately that list does not specify, but I have seen another list that does. Problem is, I don't remember where I saw that list. If I come across it again, I will let you know!