Friday, August 7, 2009

A Multi-Level Backyard Project

This project was a challenge, but also very rewarding in the end. The yard had a unique slope that wasn't really user friendly, so we made it a multi-level garden space with a spot for eating dinner, a spot for the hot tub and the crowd-pleasing fire pit. It is the ultimate party spot (for suburban America anyway)!
This is the view from the fire pit. There is an upper level patio for dining and also the empty space to the left probably has a table on it by now. We used a variety of materials, including flagstone, boulders and stamped concrete.
Here is the focal point of the yard, the fire pit. There is a flagstone seat wall surrounded by grasses. It was a fun project.

View from the upper level dining area.

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  1. Interesting design. Thanks for sharing it!