Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Renovation Project

Today we installed a small ornamental grass and perennial garden at my parent's house. We ripped out several overgrown evergreens, various overgrown shrubs and shrub roses. Unfortunately, I didn't get before photos, but you can see one overgrown evergreen in the third photo from the top. (Ripping that out tomorrow). The large grasses will eventually grow rather tall and add some interest through the winter. We also had the challenge of hiding leftover stumps. The grasses and perennials that we chose should do a really good job of that. The yarrow will thrive and add a nice swath of color. We also chose a trial geranium, in the final photo, that has been tested to be hardy to zone 6 (we're zone 4/5) so we'll see what happens with that. I guess since it's my parent's house, I can get away with being experimental! Hopefully, we will luck out and they will do really well.

There are still some finishing touches to be done with this project. We will, of course, rip out the evergreen shrub at the corner and attempt to save the greens for my wife's holiday decorating. Then we will extend the yarrow around the corner and possibly add a unique, small evergreen which I have yet to choose. Any suggestions? We will also add some bulbs for spring color, a fresh layer of mulch and possibly a sculpture nestled somewhere in the grasses.


  1. Hello,

    I love using ornamental grasses in the landscape, they are much more interesting then large, overgrown evergreen shrubs. At least, that is my opinion :) It looks great.

  2. Hey, I like evergreens!
    But I like ornamental grasses too.
    I can't stand when landscapers plant ornamental grasses on the busy corners and you can't see around them. I do like them for winter interest in a garden though. Yours looks good!

  3. I have nothing against evergreens, but when they have been planted to close together in the first place and are too wide and big for the space, they must go. I am still looking for a small evergreen for the corner...

    Thanks for the feedback!