Monday, July 13, 2009

A Vine Time

This is the time of year when vines really carry their weight in the garden. A well positioned vine can provide a tremendous amount of shade and comfort during these hot summer months. A vine can also transform a space from blah to beautiful. To me, well tended vines on pergolas, homes, or any garden structure takes a landscape to the next level. They are one of those elements like art and water that can really define a space and take the viewer to a different place. Being from the mid west most of my life I feel like outdoor spaces with vines makes my mind wonder to old gardens in Europe or on the coast. As these wisteria vines continue to cover this wine bar patio it will become more and more like a old European vineyard.


  1. It is really true, and this photo illustrates your point beautifully. Vines, especially flowering ones, add personality...and lots of it!