Monday, July 20, 2009

Natural Stone Driveway

The intent of this project was to have a third driveway stall that is somewhat disguised from the street and from the neighbors. We also wanted it to have a double life as a patio when desired. The homeowners could set out a table and chairs or a fire pit and have a nice spot to relax in their front yard.

The homeowners are avid art collectors so they included sculptural elements including basalt columns and steel garden art. (btw, we have a very similar steel sculpture in our shop in Rockbrook village available right now!) The smallest basalt column catches water for birds which is cool. They live at the edge of a forested area where there is a lot of wildlife.

We included Weigela and "Little Titch" cat mint.

Since they live in a wooded area it was very important to them to have things looking natural and a little wild.

The boulders add to the rustic, wooded feel to the addition as well.

This is a nice way to add functional space to the landscape without having to pour another slab of concrete. The trees, flowers and the natural stone birdbath will be inviting to both humans and friendly woodland creatures for many years to come!


  1. The rocks and boulders make it look very natural. Can blend it with the surroudings.

  2. That looks so nice! I so wish we had nice flat stones in our area. I want to build a much smaller scale flat spot for a garden bench. Maybe I will go work on it now before it heats up.

  3. Thanks. Good to know it does look natural.