Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recent Design Plans

This is one of our more recent designs. The images are a little dark, but you can see that there is a beautiful water feature and patio space, boulder lined flagstone pathways and areas for new plant material. This is a hardscape concept plan, the next step is the planting plan.

The top photo shows us what the water feature will look like. There are a few waterfalls that will run down the stone walls and a stone pathway that winds along the water feature so you can enjoy it from all angles. There will also be a bar and seating area... a nice place to enjoy a glass of wine!

The middle image deals with an awkward space in the garden... underneath the deck. Container plantings help to green up the space, while the lighting will make it an inviting spot in the evenings.

Check out some of our other design work on our website.

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