Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joslyn Sculpture Garden

We explored the new sculpture garden at Joslyn Art Museum last night. It's definitely worth a trip! The reflecting pool is beautiful... unfortunately the "river" water feature wasn't on so we weren't able to get the full experience. It looks like they are planning to continually add to the sculpture collection which is exciting.... there is a lot of room for additional art! I personally think the plant choices for the garden could have been better, it would've been nice to see the plants used more sculpturally. They were lacking in movement and interest (too many daylilies and a lack of perennial combinations) but overall it is a great addition to an already spectacular art museum. The sculpture by Omaha artist Kaneko (pictured above) stands out as well as some of the other figurative sculptures. We will definitely be back to see the water feature in its full glory and see how the garden looks as it gets established.

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