Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Forsythia For All

The snow is retreating and I can finally see the ground! This has been an unusually cold and snowy winter in Omaha and although I love winter I am glad to see it go. I rejoice in the knowledge that Spring is just around the corner. Just this past weekend the Robins arrived and a flock of Canadian geese made their return known yesterday. Among my favorite signs of spring is the bloom of the forsythia, nothing is better than the golden yellow blooms bursting open against the drab brown of the surrounding landscape. However, I will have to be a little more patient as the forsythia are still a few weeks from blooming. If your forsythia doesn't seem to bloom cosistently you may have a variety that is not hardy enough for your zone. Forsythia flower buds may get frozen off by cold winter temps. Among my other early spring favorites are Eastern Redbuds and Rhododendrons.

This forsythia balloon is just about ready to fly! Personally I enjoy the wild unkempt look, but to each their own.

Top Image by: Mr. T in DC
Bottom Image by: Scriptingnews

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  1. Very cheerful forsythia balloon! None of that for us here in Alaska. We just got a foot of snow today.

    Christine B.